Comparison of house types Advantages and Disadvantages

We have completed market research and compared our Module House with a few houses, which are built using other technologies. The chosen area of the considered house is 60 m2 (frame without partition walls). The companies have not been selected specifically.

Block house


Firm “X” builds houses out of blocks. Construction works begin with the foundation flooding. Then the walls (250 mm in width) and a ceiling are built. Walls are provided with heat insulation of mineral wool (20 cm). After that plastic windows and entrance door is installed. The roof is warmed with the mineral wool of 20 cm. A manufacturing term is 2 months. Total price is approx. 90,000 Lt including VAT.


  1. There is a chance of the walls’ cracks due to the bad quality of the concrete mixture.
  2. Polystyrene falls into the highly inflammable category.
  3. Extra expenditures spent on the finishing decoration works result in 60% of the total costs.

Log house


Firm “Y” offers log houses. The log’s standard size is 9 cm and it is warmed with the mineral wool (15 cm). The company uses European wooden style windows, wooden door, pitched roof; coating is made of tiles; a finishing board is used as an internal and external decoration. The foundation and floor is not done. The manufacturing term is 3 months. Total price is approx. 110,000 Lt. including VAT.


  1. Expenses on the foundation, floor and ceiling.
  2. The house requires half a year of contraction.
  3. The log cracking is likely to happen because of the wood poor drying.
  4. Long construction time.
  5. The timber needs a treatment and a coat of paint.

Modular House (OUR Module Concept)


We propose a house consisting of 4 modules. The frame is metal, walls are finished with MFP (its features exceed OSB); heat insulation material is Eco wool (20 cm) that retains thermo stability at R=5m2 K/W; and noise-insulation equals 2 meters of bricklaying. Finishing boards are applied to the wall decoration inside and outside; floor and ceiling are covered with boards. Plastic doors and windows are included. There are special channels for constructing electric wiring and flexible tubes of heat and water supply. The manufacturing term is 1 month; the assembly takes 5 days. Total price is 120,000 Lt including VAT.


  1. A certain height of the house (maximum – 2 floors)
  2. When uneven surface, spiral piles or little-deepened foundation might be needed.
  3. Loading crane is needed when assembling the frame structure.


  1. House assembly from 1 to 7 days with basic decoration.
  2. You can expand your house in different directions by adding additional modules and panels.
  3. It is possible to disassemble the house and move to another place.
  4. Our technology enables to build a house without any foundation.
  5. No opportunity of the crack formation and change in the house geometry.
  6. Warm and energy-efficient house.
  7. Ecologically clean house.

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